Delivering Better Development

The Royal Town Planners Institute (RTPI) and Global Planners Network (GPN) have released a document named 'Delivering Better Development; The role of the urban and rural planner'. 

This briefing explains why good planning is vital for safe, sustainable and successful laces and the role of urban and rural planners. It explains what planners do, their skills and expertise. It also provides advice for national, city and local leaders, developers, non-governmnetal organisations and charities on what they can do to strengthen planning for their communities and deliver better developments.

This brochure introduces the major challenges in the developed and developing world such as food security, infrastructure pressures, and adequate supply of good housing, and states that planners can address these issues. The document continues to explain the role of planners and their key aims such as achieving sustainable development, promoint the best land use for buildings and acting in the public interest. Planners can help city and local leaders, commercial and community developers, national government leaders, and non-profit organisations and charities. Planners work in two key areas: policy and plan formulation; and managing and delivering building/ construction projects. The ultimate section of the file explains what governments can do to enable planners to better development, gives case studies of UN interventions and gives information about education in planning.