Find Parking Solutions with ‘Space to Park’

Ever since the advent of mass car ownership, parking has been an issue in the design of new housing estates. 

‘Space to Park’ is a user-generated resource for good-practice parking solutions for new build developments. The website showcases a series of developments and solutions as well as constructive discussion from users, designers and experts about what works, and where.

The website addresses the question of where to allow cars to park, how many cars to allow and how to prevent accidents. These issues have long been a source of debate between designers, house-builders and the people who buy new housing.

The website also includes a detailed research report that looks closely at a rich representative data set and demonstrates that car parking is the biggest single problem in recent residential developments, even when the number of spaces provided exceeds car ownership among residents. Against this backdrop, the website facilitates a discussion about the solutions possible through considered urban design.