Design Guidance ‘Classics’

With the Taylor Review looking at what national planning guidance should survive our friends at Urban Design London recently undertook a survey of its members to see what national design guidance documents were most used and valued.  Based on the results of that survey we have uploaded all the documents we could to our website so they are available from one source for you to download. 

If you work in any of the place-making professions or are a community activist on planning or design issues, these are the documents you should be referring to regularly. Some of this guidance may be a bit out of date in its references to policy or organisations, but we nevertheless think there is a lot you can get out of it.

Here is the list with links to download them:

Manual for Streets 1

Manual for Streets 2 (only available to purchase)

By Design

Building for Life 12

Urban Design Compendium 1

Urban Design Compendium 2

Design and Access Statements (CABE)

The Planning System and Crime Prevention

Planning for Places (CABE)

Secured by Design

Councillors Guide to Urban Design (CABE)

Design Review Principles and Practice