Jane Jacobs Walk and Canal Tour

Author: Pooja Raj

To celebrate the life and work of the hugely influential Jane Jacobs MADE took part in the international movement of Janes Walks.  Last year our 'electric spaghetti' walks explored industry and place along the River Tame, with a focus on Spaghetti Junction.  This year we headed to the Black Country around the canal area in Smethwick.  We also got round to draw in elements from our nearby HLF funded Chances glassworks project too and learn something of the fascinating heritage of the area

We held two walks at the same time

Our Other walk was around the Chance Glassworks sight and inside the building. 15 Lucky people got to go inside the building.

The weather was beautiful while we went across the camel. Our guide told us many wonderful things about the Canal and we got really close to the chance brothers site. We even managed to get a sneak peak of the site through the gates. Many people joined us for this walk including a very keen Wippet, who enjoyed the walk however, got very thirsty along the way. Did you know that there are actually two canals in smethwick? It looks like there is one however there is two, one is higher than the other. We started off at the pumping station and then walked along the canal side down towards Spon Lane, we then went down towards the lower part of the canal and made our way back towards the pumping station where we all got together with the 15 people who went for the Chances brothers glassworks tour and we all sat and had our tea with lovely home made sandwiches. 

Can you spot the boat?

Take a look at some more pictures below...