New Manifesto for Public Art

As part of an 'Arts and Place' initiative, a collection of artists and art professionals, led by BEAM, have drawn up a new manifesto for public art with the intention to challenge general perceptions of art as an 'ornamental extra' and highlight its role in the regeneration of urban spaces. In the manifesto the group points out that while public art is largely valued by the public, its role tends to be misunderstood, undervalued, and disconnected from place. The group are issuing the document to push for the arts to become central to placemaking initiatives and has submitted a copy, together with an accompanying essay by writer Graham Henderson, to the House of Lords Select Committee on the Built Environment.

The group really want to raise awareness of arts in the public realm, to gather allies and build up a case for artists and the arts. If you support these aims, please follow this link:

Alternatively you can email