MADE's Design Review Panel: Introductory Membership

The MADE’s Design Review service has operated for over 7 years.  It is a tried and tested way of improving the quality of design in the built environment of the West Midlands by providing expert advice on proposes schemes at an early stage to developers, architects and other designers, planning consultants and local planning authorities. MADE Design Review depends on a panel of experts from a range of disciplines who provide a pool of potential panellists for each design review meeting. The minimum requirement for membership of the panel is ten years’ experience in your field. This pool of expertise is refreshed every two years when some panel members leave and some new ones are asked to join.  There are always more people wanting to join the panel than MADE has places available.

In response to the demand to sit on MADE’s panel, and as a way of improving the recruitment process, we are now proposing to introduce an ‘introductory membership’ scheme.  Introductory membership will be for one year.  During that year introductory members will have the opportunity to attend one design review as an observer and another as an additional panel member.  Introductory members will not receive any payment. Introductory members will still have to demonstrate ten years experience in the built environment professions.

Introductory membership will be of benefit to those who intend to apply to join the panel when it is refreshed in the autumn of 2015.  We cannot guarantee that introductory membership will mean you will be selected to join the main MADE panel, but it will help. It gives you an opportunity to experience being on a design review panel and it gives MADE a chance to get to know you.

The closing date for applicants 3rd September 2014.