M5 Mile Artists: Fusion Academy

Author: Pooja Raj

MADE is delighted to announce the M5 Mile team have now commissioned 5 artists to work on our special takeover day on July 16th.

The aim of the commission is to give the smallest of flavour of what a place which is ‘taken-over’ by creative communities may look like, it will temporarily enliven and animate the space, be an exemplar, an inspiration, a curiosity which will provide a snapshot of potential of forgotten, neglected and unused spaces.  

The artists brief is simply to respond to the site. On the day their work will be documented through photography and video and this will be exhibited around the region at a later date.

We will be featuring each of the artists in turn.  Here we look at Fusion Dance Academy:

Fusion Academy is a school based Dance Company located at St Michael’s C of E High School.  The company was initially launched in 2004 by Kerry Whitehouse and was re-launched in 2012 with a greater focus on community dance provision.  Fusion Academy delivers high quality dance provision to children and young people aged 3-25yrs.  Our regular work includes GCSE Dance, ISTD Modern, Inclusive Dance, PPA and extra-curricular classes for local Primary Schools, Community Classes in a range of styles including gym and trampolining and holiday Dance Camps. 

Above all they are passionate about providing young people with opportunities to experience a range of dance styles and exposure to ‘The Arts’. The performance group they have identified for this piece will include dancers aged 12-17yrs

Fusion Academy plan to use a creative approach to develop a piece of site specific choreography with a group of dancers.  Elements of this could include movement based on the following stimuli: Pathways, Space & Travel, Canals, Water, Reflection, Wildlife & Nature, Environment, Chainmakers, Industry, Culture, Angles, Structure

They will use dance as a visual art form to enliven and animate a neglected space.