M5 Mile Artists: Daniel Griffin-Hayes

Author: Pooja Raj

MADE is delighted to announce the M5 Mile team have now commissioned 5 artists to work on our special takeover day on July 16th.

The aim of the commission is to give the smallest of flavour of what a place which is ‘taken-over’ by creative communities may look like, it will temporarily enliven and animate the space, be an exemplar, an inspiration, a curiosity which will provide a snapshot of potential of forgotten, neglected and unused spaces.  

The artists brief is simply to respond to the site. On the day their work will be documented through photography and video and this will be exhibited around the region at a later date.

We will be featuring each of the artists in turn.  Here we look at Daniel Griffin-Hayes:

Danny grew up in the industrial heartlands of inner city Birmingham. He went to University here 5 years ago to study visual communication and he would describe himself as a conceptual artist that specialises in illustrations and painting. He enjoys being creative and he’s always trying out new techniques and embarking on new projects.

He has an active role in the Birmingham street art scene where he uses wallpaper paste and paper to create street murals. He has painted murals for Brothers cider, Grolsch and Red Bull and he also paints childrens bedrooms and office spaces. He’s been involved in community projects for the City of Colours festival, Stoke City council and Kings Heath Youth project. In his spare time Danny makes comic strips, animations and moving image. 

With the M5 Mile space he plans to transform the area using images of characters, shapes and lettering that he will paint on to huge pieces of paper creating an imaginary world around the space.

He will paint the paper in his studio using his illustrations and a projector as a guide and then cut them out ready to paste on to the walls. They will be wallpaper pasted onto the walls (to avoid marking or damaging them). He will include Black Country and Birmingham landmarks, slang, people and icons. They will be painted in a very bright and vibrant cartoon style so that they pop out of the concrete and liven up the space.