M5 Mile Artists: Bryan Hancox

Author: Pooja Raj

MADE is delighted to announce the M5 Mile team have now commissioned 5 artists to work on our special takeover day on July 16th.

The aim of the commission is to give the smallest of flavour of what a place which is ‘taken-over’ by creative communities may look like, it will temporarily enliven and animate the space, be an exemplar, an inspiration, a curiosity which will provide a snapshot of potential of forgotten, neglected and unused spaces.  

The artists brief is simply to respond to the site. On the day their work will be documented through photography and video and this will be exhibited around the region at a later date.

We will be featuring each of the artists in turn.  Here we look at Bryan Hancox:

Bryan Hancox is a recent graduate from the University of Worcester with a BA Hons in Animation, his main practice being an Animator and Story Artist with a background in Illustration and Graphic Design. Aspiring to be an Animation Director, he is inspired by such people as Genndy Tartakovsky, Mike Mignola, Ryan Gillis, Alex Toth and much more.

Animation is a technique in cinema that spans many different styles and ways of which to bring forth the illusion of life, so he  uses varying techniques to what suits the project. As frontman of a heavy metal band, he has also been commissioned to illustrate, design for other bands that he has encountered during gigs and more recently been commissioned for music videos. At university, he has been able to work on a variety of live briefs with some extending to CAMHS. 

Bryan will be utilising the space to its full potential, he would like to use his skills as an Animator to create a short story through the techniques of stop-motion and pixilation, inspired by the experimental animator Jan Svankmajer, the more contemporary illustrator Kristián Mensa and 2d Animator/Story Artist Hombre McSteez.

The outcome will be a short animation of a minute to 2 minutes in length dependent on the time made and possible scenes cut. The initial idea is to use the motorway as a set to a story about a Troll that lives under the M5, giving a fantasy element to a modern day setting.