Lighthouse Search - can you help?

As part of our Chances Glasswork Everybody's Story HLF project MADE is looking for lighthouses around the globe which contain one of the revolutionary Chance Bros lenses.

These lenses changed the course of maritime trade forever, an amazing legacy for the Smethwick firm.  The Lighthouse Links programme is working with local groups, including schools, to match them with communities alongside lighthouses across the globe.

We are looking for these lighthouses and ways to get in touch with the communities who live nearby

Do you know any of these? We have been mapping them through archive and web research - you can keep up with our progress here 

Have you been on holiday and seen one? do you have family who live near one? 

Please get in touch if you think you can help us make links with these lighthouses.  Contact, or call 0121 348 7980.

To find out more about the Chances Glassworks Project see here and specifically the lighthouse links programme here