Design Review Upgrade

MADE has introduced a full panel site visit to all of its design reviews.  This means that at each design review all the members of the panel will get a chance to take a thorough look at the site where the development is proposed to take place and to appreciate the opportunities, constraints and context.

Although MADE has always undertaken panel site visits for the largest schemes, for smaller schemes it has relied on a member of staff doing a photographic survey and reporting back on the site.  This has worked well and the panel generally get a good, independent impression of the site and its context. However, recent comments from planning officers and, more significantly, from an inspector have led us to review that practice.

We are always keen to improve the service we provide if this can be done while keeping design review affordable. A full panel site visit ensures a greater familiarity with the site and four or five panel members may spot things that a single member of staff may have missed. Recent planning inspectors comments have indicated that they will continue to give greater weight to design review reports where the panel has visited the site. We want to make sure that all parties in the planning process can rely on our reports at appeal if they need to.

MADE believes that the design review process is always capable of improvement. We are always talking to developers and their design teams and local authority planners about how design review can be made more useful for everyone.  If you have any thoughts we would be pleased to hear them.  Please contact David Tittle on 0121 348 7890 or by email