Design Network grows

The Design Network has extended its coverage to the capital by welcoming Urban Design London into membership. The Network brings together organisations like MADE that provide design review and other services to improve design in the built environment. 

Hosted by Transport for London, Urban Design London (UDL) has since 2005 provided an extensive and highly regarded design training programme which is attended by hundreds of planners and transport and other professionals in London. They also provide design reviews and surgeries for schemes in the capital. The majority of London Boroughs are members of UDL. The involvement of UDL means that the Network now covers every part of England.

The Design Network is the leading provider of design review throughout England, running regional and local panels.  The Network has set up a system of peer review to ensure that its design review services maintain a consistent quality. Design Network members have also been at the forefront of rolling out the new Building for Life 12 standard offering training and assessments to local authorities and house-builders.