MADE CEO at House of Lords inquiry

David Tittle, Chief Executive of MADE has given evidence at the House of Lords Select Committee for the Built Environment. The main issue highlighted during this inquiry concerned how we can get better design in the built environment.

David stated that it is the responsibility of the government to provide national leadership on design in the built environment and set objectives, direction and priorities. However it is also the responsibility of the built environment industry to respond appropriately and deliver these aims. Ultimately, leadership needs to be based on active networking across the whole country.

David stated that there is leadership gap and a lack of research, guidance and advocacy since the demise of CABE in 2011. 

Areas of discussion:

  • Who should be responsible for providing national leadership on design in the built environment? 
  • How effectively does the market for design review services operate? 
  • What impact has the National Planning Policy Framework had upon design standards? 
  • What role should DCLG be playing in promoting high standards of design?
  • How effective is public participation in decision-making on the built environment?