Interest grows in glassworks project

Author: Pooja Raj

The Chances Glassworks talk and walk event was a success! 

It was lovely to see so many people turn up for the talk and walk event at Brass house lane community centre, everyone helped themselves to a lovely warm cup of tea, coffee and biscuits and took a seat ready for the presentation. Nita Newman started off the talk giving some background information about the Chances Brothers glassworks site and what our project aims are. The audience were very keen to find out some more information about the history of the site. Mark Davies came alone to assist Nita Newman with her presentation and he gave some more information about the site. Mark Davies is the Chairman for the chances board and he is extremely knowledgable about the site itself.  

The audience talk broke out into a conversation between the audience about their experiences and links to the Chance brother site, many people found themselves sharing the same history and many volunteered to join our team to help up transcribe really old lighthouse books. 

After the talk we walked down to the Smethwick Canal and walked along the whole canal side down to the Chances site, Many people had not been here before so they found it very interesting. Luckily the weather was on our side and we had a beautiful stroll. Did you know that there's tree branches growing between the brick works of the Chance brothers building? 

See some images below of our walk and talk: