Chance Glassworks launch event

Author: Pooja Raj

MADE were delighted with the turn out at our Chance Glassworks project launch event. We hoped to gather people who had experience/knowledge and an interest in the Chance Glassworks heritage and that is exactly what we got. The event overran as attendees swappped stories about one of the regions most influential employers.

Project Manager Sally Robertshaw gave a short introduction to the background of the project and its aims and the Project Officer Nita Newman gave details of the many ways people can get involved. The event also included a short film by History WM and an oral history from Alan Taylor, a former employee.

The event was hosted at Brasshouse community centre in Smethwick, the warm home-made soup was very welcome on the rainy Tuesday evening. People stayed and chatted over the soup – one lady who attended our event had a very interesting story about her father, who was one of the managers at Chance's Glassworks and when talking about him she came across another lady who actually worked for him. We hope that this project will allow many more people to meet and reminisce and share their stories about Chances Glassworks with us. 

During the event people had a Chance to fill out a very short application to get involved with this project. If you could not make it to the event and would still like to get involved with the project you could fill out this short form and send it back via email, or post to MADE, 321 Bradford Street,Birmingham,B5 6ET and we will get in touch.

We hope the success of this event bodes well for the next steps of the project – to find out more see Chance Glassworks: Everybodys Story's, sign up to our newsletter here and keep an eye on twitter and the project blog