Bournville college supports lighthouse links

Author: Pooja Raj

Bournville college spear head the MADE lighthouse links projects

MADE are now working with Bournville College students to help steer the Chance Glassworks lighthouse links project. We have 16 level 2 textile students 34 level 3 art and design students who will be researching into the wide range products that Chance glass made and they will be making links with Chance Lighthouses around the world and they are kicking off with a site visit to nash point lighthouse near Cardiff. The course will run from November 16 to May 17 and this leaves the students with plenty of time to gather as much work and information as they need for their Course work. All of the work the students create will be used at the Exhibition which will take place at the end of the project in May 2017. The students will be responding artistically to the lighthouses and the wide range of products chance glass made. We will be presenting a certificate to Nash point lighthouse to extend the official friendship with Bournville college which will allow us to share our heritage and for the students to share their artwork via Facebook. The Chance Glassworks lighthouse links project is currently live and MADE are helping the students express their artistic skills and they will be improving and building their research skills, the students are helping MADE raise the Chance Glassworks project profile and to help us create links with other lighthouses.

All the work will be documented and will be available soon to view on