New joint initiative for young people

Join the debate....

MADE have been working with our ABECN colleagues on developing a more co-ordinated approach to delivering initiatives which focus on young people, creative placemaking and careers in the built environment.  This work has been supported by the Ove Arup Foundation who recognised that a lot of good work was being done in this field but often this was done in isolation with no means to share valuable experience learning and practice with other.

MADE, The Architecture Centre, Northern Architecture alongside our colleagues Beam and Open City all have a long and established track record of working in this field and our various programmes have had real impact on the young people in our regions.  

Our individual programmes also have strong elements of commonality and we have been working together to share good practice in this field as well as to explore ways in which we could work more effectively together.  

We would also like to seek the experience and insight from other practitioners beyond our immediate ABECN network and so have set up a Facebook group which we hope will become a forum for discussion.  

The aim of the group is to be a platform for people interested in creative placemaking to share and discuss best practice related to holistic learning for young people. You may be a practitioner, commissioner or simply have a general interest in young people and place.  

You can find us and join the debatehere.

We will be announcing more details about our more co-ordinated approach in the coming weeks. Keep checking the MADE newsletter, website and twitter for more information. 

For more information in the meantime please contact Sally Robertshaw, Community Programmes Manager, or call 0121 348 7980.