Creating Lighthouse links at Holly Lodge High School

Author: Pooja Raj

12 very keen year 7 students at Holly Lodge High School have been taking part in our Lighthouse links programme. The programme was designed to create links with local young people and lighthouse communities across the world. While learning about different lighthouses and Holly Lodge students have been helping MADE support the campaign to save the Chance Glassworks building from an application by a skip hire company to use the site for their business. 

In our workshops the students have been creating  zig zag booklets containing  information about different Chance Brothers Glass lighthouses around the world, the talented students are also writing up a press release opposing the skip hire application

As part of the HLF funded Chance Glassworks Everybody's Story project MADE's Nita Newman and Pooja Raj have been to Holly Lodge twice and will be back in two weeks time to see the students progress on their zigzag booklets and also to hand out some prizes of the best designed booklet. So far two very ambitious students have received prizes for their contribution and fantastic ideas throughout the first lesson. 

In future sessions pupils will talk to Prashad, Lighthouse Keeper for the Kinnard Lighthouse in India. Using Skype they will be showing him all their beautifully designed booklets and get the opportunity to see a real functioning lighthouse.