Hawthorns & Keele University

Proposals for a residential development at the Hawthorns, Keele and new student accommodation for Keele University campus.

This scheme was brought to design review in July 2013 as a planning application to Newcastle under Lyme Council. This scheme involves the replacement of student accomodation at the Hawthorns and new student accomodation being built on the Keele University campus. In terms of the residential development a the Hawthorns, the panel were pleased with the architectural and landscape approach that is being taken. However, they concerns about the urban design and thought more work needed to be done to make the layout more coherent and ensure its serves as part of an expanded village. In terms of the campus buildings, the panel had little objection per se, but felt that Keele University is badly lacking a spatial masterplan for the campus and the risk is that a series of ad-hoc opportunist developments create an illegible and incoherent collection of buildings. The panel suggested that the local authority send a strong message to the university that future proposals will not be supported unless they are part of such a strategic plan. 

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