Chance Research Groups

As part of our Chance Glassworks -  Everybody's Story Project MADE is looking for volunteers to be part of our Chance Research Groups.

These groups will help us research the story of the Glassworks, its products, its staff and its impact.  We have made a great start already but there is so much to do! A particular focus of our work is the lighthouse lenses Chance Brothers produced.  We know literally thousands of these sit in lighthouses scattered across the globe.  We have been looking at the sales ledgers to see where they were sold to and are creating a database of these sale.

The group meets in the Sandwell Archives regularly.  At the moment the project worker Nita is offering a Skills exchange in return for your volunteering time so you can learn new things as well as meet new people and make a valuable contribution to the project.  

More information about the skills exchange can be found here

More information about the project can be found here

To find out more or to get involved contact Sally Robertshaw on 0121 348 7980 or