Design Review, a tool for Local Authorities

Author: Pooja Raj

MADE are calling on more Local Authorities to encourage schemes in their area to come to Design Review at an early stage.

Design review provides an opportunity to make your planning service more efficient and effective and improve the quality of schemes coming forward in your area. For Local Authorities it is normally a free service, as the developer pays. 

It is Expert:

All our panel members have a minimum of 10 years experience working in the build environment and are selected for their expertise and commitment to design quality.

It is Effective: 

Design Review can be a powerful tool to help you raise design quality, resolve differences and improve planning performance.

  • Design Review strengthens the local authorities hand in pushing for high-quality development in your area
  • It provides an authoritative view on design issues to add weight to planning recommendations and decisions.
  • Designed Review provides useful suggestions as to how conflicting objectives and views of different consultees can be accommodated
  • By resolving design issues and setting objectives early it removes conflict and delay later in the process
  • Design Review often make suggestions as to how land could be used more effectively to deliver more homes, facilities and jobs
  • It is a useful learning experience the officers who attend or observe
  • It is cost effective too: It is nearly always a developer who pays for design review.  Where local authorities have a commitment to the process and make it clear to developers that they expect to use it there is usually little resistance.

It is Experienced:

MADE has operated its well-respected independent Design Review panel for over a decade, in that time reviewing hundreds of schemes across the West Midlands from individual Paragraph 55 houses to Urban extensions.

You can download our Local Authority Design Review Brochure here.