Making Sense of Places

What makes Dudley distinctive? How can 'looking up' reveal what's valued about Rugby? MADE worked with artists on a series of alternative visitor guides to show how local people can improve and reveal the importance of their places

ArtistSimon Whitehead revealed the Ladywood area in Birmingham through residents' voices, views and paths less trodden. In Rugby, local people joinedEric Gaskell on a walk, to uncover something new about the town by ‘looking up'.

Horticulturalist Pamela Smith and Architect Joe Holyoak, were joined by local people on a walk to uncover the specific and distinctive flora of Market Drayton. Textine artist Claire Wood viewed Tamworth through the eyes of young people following a walk with local people and architect Marco da Cruz. ArtistGérard Mermoz and Architect Alun Nicholas took a walk with local people to examine the specific and distinctive aspects of Dudley as defined by local people.