Lighthouse Links Project at Bournville College

Bournville College have teamed up with MADE to discover lighthouse heritage worldwide though our project entitled ‘Everybody’s Story’. Lecturer Bonita Leatham and MADE’s Community Heritage Worker Nita Newman are working together to help students to discover the world of Chance Glass Works. Students will research the history of Chance Glass Works and its product range including the famed lighthouse lenses.

On Monday 7th November fifty level 2 and 3 Art & Design and Textile students are gearing up to visit Nash Point Lighthouse in Wales to offer the official friendship of Chance Brothers Glass Works and to learn about lighthouse heritage.


In the 2nd week the students from Bournville College, experienced what it’s like to visit a lighthouse and hear the sound of the foghorn. Their hosts Chris and Nigel gave them a fascinating tour of this magnificent example of lighthouse engineering.


Inspired by the visit to Nash Point lighthouse the Level 2 students at Bournville College created stylish designs. The lighthouse lens and the ‘Swirl’ design from the Chance Glass home ware range (from David Encill’s book ‘ Expressions’) has given students plenty of source material to excel in their work.