MADE is an organisation dedicated to improving the quality of our towns, cities and villages. We believe that a high quality built environment is essential for economic prosperity and wellbeing.

Well-designed places function better, use fewer resources, encourage investment and enterprise, engender social interaction and a sense of community and make people happy, healthy and proud. A high quality built environment is essential to the prosperity of all our cities, towns and villages. In the Midlands there is a lot to be proud of in our historic towns and villages and in some excellent new buildings and public spaces. However, in large parts of our cities and towns we face a legacy of post-industrial dereliction, highway domination, disconnected development, dismal architecture, cluttered and poorly-maintained public space. There is a lot of work to do to put this right.

Our vision for the West Midlands is that our leaders, public sector officers, professionals, developers and residents understand the importance of place and work together to ensure that every change in the built environment contributes positively to creating better places. We want to preserve the best and transform the worst. We want everyone to feel proud of the places where they live, work and play.

To create great places we need to:

  • Consistently raise standards of planning, architecture, landscape architecture, urban design, civil engineering and transport planning.
  • Understand that an appreciation of cultural context and a creative process is essential for making great places.
  • Incorporate an understanding of all aspects of sustainability and the need to address climate change into our design practices.
  • Ensure that citizens can engage in constructive dialogue with design professionals and have a decisive say in the future of their places.
  • Improve the evidence base for the benefits of built environment quality.
  • Encourage debate about design and place and create a clamour for quality places among the public, politicians and the media.